“The Nebraska AGD remains a leader is quality continuing education and is proven by specialists giving and attending the Mastertrack courses.”

– Dr. Bill Printz, Sidney, NE

“The NAGD Mastertrack has been the most rewarding educational experience since dental school.  The fellowship among the students is amazing.  I would recommend the track for anyone interested in improving their practice of dentistry.  It was money and time well spent.”

–Dr. Chad Ortmeier, Dodge, NE

“The NAGD Mastertrack program is the most superior continuing education in all disciplines offered in the Midwest region.  No other program in the area can compete!”

–Dr. Carolyn Taggart-Burns, Omaha, NE

“I practice in a rural location, so I need to be knowledgeable and capable in a wide range of subjects.  I wanted to go through a program that was balanced and provided advanced education in all disciplines.  The NAGD Mastertrack definitely did that.”

–Dr. Joseph Hull, Gregory, SD

“I enjoyed all the instructors and their knowledge of their subjects.  They all did a specatular job instructing us.  I learned so much over the 5 years about all the dental topics.  I will never forget the great knowledge learned in this course.  FABULOUS!”

–Dr. Gary Smith, Council Bluffs, IA

“The NAGD Mastertrack is an excellent opportunity to be exposed to the current state of many phases of dentistry.  It has been a great sourse of networking and encourages you to reach for excellence!”

–Dr. Terry Lanphier, Omaha, NE