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We’d love to welcome you to The Nebraska AGD!

Membership in the AGD provides general dentists, students, and dental team members with the education, advocacy, and information they need to advance themselves in the dental profession while providing their patients with the best care possible. AGD membership represents a dedication to lifelong learning and overall oral health for the public.

Here’s 10 Reason’s You’ll Love Being Part of our Association:

  1. Membership Dues:  1/3 of the cost…..AND we represent YOU, the GENERAL DENTIST!
  2. Successful Mastertrack Program:  The NAGD began their 3rd class but we also offer open enrollment so you can join at anytime!  
  3. Outstanding Continuing Education programs: both lecture and participation.  Over the years, we’ve brought in big names such as Dr. Karl Koerner, Dr. Fred Margolis, Dr. Sam Low, Dr. Tom Salinas, Dr. Richard Mounce, Dr. David Hornbrook, Dr. Joseph Massad, Dr. Marc Geissberger, Dr. Foroud Hakim, Dr. Steven Rasner and Dr. Bob Margeas!  
  4. NAGD Annual Meeting: New and improved meeting!  We have exhibits, prize drawing and FABULOUS CE!  As a Nebraska AGD member, you also receive a substantial discount on your registration fee!
  5. Endorsed Programs Locally:  ID Theft Program offered by Harold Diers, their phone number is (402) 391-1300 or (800) 444-1330.  
  6. NAGD Newsletter:  Published quarterly and packed with lots of information!
  7. Advocacy and Representation on a state level:  The NAGD actively follows legislative bills at every session of the Unicameral affecting dentistry!
  8. Active Board of Directors:  The NAGD Board of Directors are general dentists from cities including North Platte, Grand Island, Lincoln, Omaha and Fremont.  If you are interested in getting more involved or becoming a Board member, please contact the NAGD Office.
  9. We’ll Submit your completed CE for National AGD’s records to organize and keep in one place.
  10. All the National Level Benefits of AGD: Here’s a list of the national level benefits you’ll receive as an AGD member:
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