Bill: LB 447

Introduced by Senator Avery would remove sales tax exemptions from soft drinks.  Revenue would go to establish a statewide database to Public Health Departments and school districts to help fund a wellness coordinator and program.  (Support)

Bill: LB 439

Introduced by Senator Gloor (priority bill) to increase cigarette tax from .64 to $1.36 a pack.  $28 million of that revenue for Medicaid provider rate stabilization.  (Support)

Bill: LB 195

(combination of LB 119, LB 157, and LB 187) would provide $200,000 to each of the 18 Public Health Districts to do preventive health programs; $900,000 in each of the next 2 fiscal years to the 6 Community Health Centers to expand dental services to uninsured...

Bill: LB 20

LB 20 would provide $1.2 million in 2013 & 2014 for Rural Health Provider Incentive Program.  Introduced by Senator Nordquist.  (Support)