The Nebraska Academy of General Dentistry is led by a dedicated group of volunteer members who give their time, talents and efforts for the betterment of the organization. The Nebraska AGD Board of Directors are actively involved in providing leadership and direction for the NAGD. Interested in volunteering? »

Our Leaders

Matt Serbousek, DDS
Matt Serbousek, DDSPresident
(Office: 308-381-0167)
Sarah C. Donner, DDS, FAGD
Sarah C. Donner, DDS, FAGDPresident-Elect
(Office: 402.474.3445)
Brian B. Penly, DDS
Brian B. Penly, DDSVice President and Editor
(Office: 402.238.9922)
Thomas St. Germain, DDS, FAGD
Thomas St. Germain, DDS, FAGDImmediate Past President & Membership Chair
(Office: 402.330.2243)
Robert B. Noel, DDS, MAGD
Robert B. Noel, DDS, MAGDContinuing Education Chair
(Office: 402.331.0828)
David L. Swanson, DDS
David L. Swanson, DDSTreasurer
(Office: 308.534.1289)
Travis J. Antholz, DDS, FAGD
Travis J. Antholz, DDS, FAGDAt-Large Board Member
(Office: 402.474.3445)
Kevin C. Low, DDS
Kevin C. Low, DDSRegion 10 Trustee
(Cell: 308.874.4132)
Steven D. Wegner, DDS, MAGD
Steven D. Wegner, DDS, MAGDProgram Provider Approval Rep
(Office: 402.498.0400)
Robert E. Roesch, DDS, MAGD
Robert E. Roesch, DDS, MAGDLegislative Chair
(Office: 402.727.7331)
Cassandra J. Pietrok, DDS, MAGD
Cassandra J. Pietrok, DDS, MAGDCo-Mastertrack Program Coordinator
(Office: 402.330.2243)
William A. Kathrein, DDS, MAGD
William A. Kathrein, DDS, MAGDCo-MasterTrack Program Coordinator
(Office: 402.397.3400)
Patrick Wachter, DDS
Patrick Wachter, DDSCo-Student Membership Chair
(Office: 402-559-6000)
Rachel Ward, DMD, FAGD
Rachel Ward, DMD, FAGDCo-Student Membership Chair
(Office: 314.435.0019)
Meghan Hungerford, DDS
Meghan Hungerford, DDSAt-Large Board Member
(Office 402-326-1542)
Chad Wagener, DDS. MAGD
Chad Wagener, DDS. MAGDRegion 10 Regional Director
(Office: 515-964-5482)
Julie Berger
Julie BergerExecutive Director
(Office: 402.438.2321)

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